Why Inca machines?

The first Inca machine was the major saw bench, started production in the 1920's by Injecta machines in Teufenthal Switzerland. The company specialized in the era of "NEW METAL" known as Aluminium, much lighter than steel and cast iron yet having great strength and structure.

Inca were innovators, and the rest of the market copied these machines but failed to emulate the precise workings of Inca machines - all credit to the designers. Today these machines are sought after by cabinet makers, model makers and instrument makers all around the world.

Over the years, we have seen our customers disappointed with their supplies of bandsaw blades for their Inca and non Inca machines, with continual requests, we are now able to offer blades made to any sizes for any maker of machines. We believe our know how achieved over many decades will ensure you get the best from your machine.

Remember the machine is only as good as the blade.

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