59 1/2 inch bandsaw blades (1510mm) (Pack of 2)

59 1/2 inch bandsaw blades (1510mm) (Pack of 2)

72 inch bandsaw blades (1829mm) (Pack of 2)

72 inch bandsaw blades (1829mm) (Pack of 2)

105 inch bandsaw blades (2667mm) (Pack of 2)


14" Delta/Rockwell, Grizzly, Jet and most 14" Imports with Riser Block Extension.The blades mentioned on this page are 105 inch bandsaw blades (2667mm) in length. These are sold in packs of two.

Require a different, custom length? We're able to custom make a band-saw blade to your requirements at no extra cost, please click here.

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Inca Machines - our experts have a heritage with regard to manufacturing outstanding products -- all of these bandsaw blades are no different. They are developed to keep going, we have now tried a lot of band saw blades and our blades keep going five times longer compared to all of our competing firms. That is several less times where you'll need to go to the sharpener and then pay for getting your current blade sharp.

Just how can we have accomplished this feet? This starts out by using superior quality materials, Inca solely use the very best EU steel (British in addition to Swedish) and design our blades in France with our expert workforce. In the end, having more than half a century within the wood working community, we know how necessary a great blade is. So why get the finest bandsaw and subsequently purchase a poor blade? All of us have experienced this scenario take place-- you pay for the very best bandsaw in the industry and consequently buy a low-quality blade and on a regular basis the saw will be faulted! You really want your own piece of equipment to work, perfectly, easily and consistently.

We all only sells blades developed to cut wood, if perhaps you're browsing for steel cutting blades sad to say this isn't the place for you. The blade is offered in 3 TPI, 4TPI, 6TPI and 14TPI. If the following isn't the length you're wanting for then simply check our customized blade section, where we'll make a blade to your personal criteria with entirely no extra cost to you!

It is essential to find the blade in your case, getting a perfect width, thickness and teeth for the saw can make a signficant difference. To begin with, think what you are going to use the blade for. There's no 'one blade fits all' answer.

Blade Length:
These blades will be 105 inches in length or 2667 mm within the metric system. Check the operators manual which comes with your band saw to make certain you have picked out the correct length. In cases where a 105 inch blade is overly big or small you will either be unable to sufficiently stress the blade or the blade is not going to fit the saw.

Blade Thickness:
Whenever it comes to blade thickness, when you are exclusively re-sawing or cut-off sawing we would certainly advise that you pick the maximum thickness possible, so you will get an excellent feed level and a good straight cut with out breaking your blade. Thick blades will easily take straight cuts yet have considerably more problems whenever twisting or bending.

That is certainly where a good finer blade is convenient -- You would need to make use of your thinner blade whenever you happen to be radius cutting. It is crucial to find the perfect equilibrium, in between thick and thin, consumersdo have a disposition to use the thicker blades as they are cutting a heavy piece of wood, which usually at times is the wrong method. Failure to settle on the perfect blade can result in the blade heating and cooling in the long run weakening the blade and triggering failure.

Just as before, deciding upon the appropriate teeth per inch is important and very much linked to the job ahead. Would you like to have the ability to slice through the wood rapidly - in that case the lowest TPI (Minimum 3TPI) can offer a rough finish yet allow you will let you permit you to cut speedily. In contrast, when it's crucial to slice the wood with a smooth finish, a greater TPI with a slow cut can do the job!

Band saw blade Routine maintenance

As a final point, bear in mind to maintain your inca blade when working with it! You are likely to get more from your blade by ensuring that you have been de-tensioning the blade after you've used it. Your blade is going to heat up whilst cutting, this leads to the blade expanding together with contracting which could bring on metal failure much sooner than expected.

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