104 inch bandsaw blades (2640mm) (Pack of 2) INCA Expert 500

104 inch bandsaw blades (2640mm) (Pack of 2) INCA Expert 500

56 1/2 inch bandsaw blades (1435mm) (Pack of 2)

56 1/2 inch bandsaw blades (1435mm) (Pack of 2)

112 inch bandsaw blades (2845mm) (Pack of 2)


Startrite 14 Series, 351S, 352, 352S; Thomas S310,Fabris 300; The blades shown on this page are 112 inch bandsaw blades (2845mm) in length. These are offered for sale in packs of two.

Require a different, custom length? We're able to custom make a band-saw blade to your requirements at no extra cost, please click here.

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Inca - our team enjoy a name with regard to enabling top notch machinery & accessories -- all of these bandsaw blades will certaintly be no different. They are simply designed to last, we've analyzed a lot of band saw blades and our blades survive five times longer when compared with each of our rivals. That is certainly five fewer times in which you may have to pop by to your sharpener and then shell out to have your current blade sharpened.

Exactly how do we accomplish such a feet! The process starts off by making use of superior supplies, Inca solely employ the very best European steel (British and Swedish) and produce all of our blades in France with our skilled workforce. All things considered, having over half a century in the wood-working community, we know precisely how significant a fantastic blade is. Why invest in the finest bandsaw and next buy a shoddy blade? We've experienced this scenario happen- you acquire the best bandsaw in the market and after that get hold of a terrible blade and more often than not the saw gets the blame! You really want your own piece of equipment to work, properly, easily and consistently.

We exclusively offers blades created to cut wood, if perhaps you're browsing for steel cutting blades unfortunately Inca Machines is not the place for you. The blade is offered in 3 TPI, 4TPI, 6TPI and 14TPI. If that isn't the length you're wanting for in that case simply check out each of our personalized blade section, exactly where we will get a new blade to your individual specifications at entirely no extra cost to you!

It is very important choose the right blade for you, choosing the proper width, thickness and teeth for your band saw will make a signficant difference. To start with, take into account what you are likely to use the blade to get. There's no 'one blade fits all' option.

> Blade Thickness:
When ever it comes to blade thickness, if you're solely re-sawing or cut-off sawing we would propose that you select the maximum thickness feasible, so that you will get a very good feed rate and a good straight cut with out breaking your own blade. Thick blades can conveniently take straight cuts but have a great deal more troubles if twisting or bending.

Which is where the finer blade is useful - You would need to work with a thinner blade when you are radius cutting. It is necessary to find the right balance, somewhere between thick and thin, peopledo have a tendency to use the thicker blades as they may be cutting a dense piece of wood, that may be the wrong approach. Failure to choose the suitable blade can result in the blade heating and cooling inevitably deteriorating the blade and triggering failure.

Bandsaw teeth per inch:
Once more, deciding on the appropriate teeth per inch is important and very much linked to the task ahead. Do you need to have the ability to slice through the wood quickly -- in that case the lowest TPI (Minimum 3TPI) will offer a rough finish yet allow you to let enable you permit you to cut swiftly. On the flip side, if it is crucial that you slice the wood that has a smooth finish, a higher TPI with a slower cut can do the task!

Inca Band saw Blade Length:
The length of these blades are 112 inches which converts to 2845mm in the metric system. Double check your instructions which comes along with your band saw to guarantee you have chosen the suitable length. In cases where a 112 inch blade is too long or small you'll either be unable to adequately tension the blade or even the blade will not fit the saw.

Blade Upkeep
As a final point, bear in mind to maintain your blade when working with it! You're likely to get more from your blade making sure that you have been de-tensioning the blade after you've worked with it. Your blade is going to get hot while cutting, this leads to the blade expanding and contracting that may bring about metal failure a great deal sooner than expected.

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