92 1/2 inch bandsaw blades (2350mm) (Pack of 2)

92 1/2 inch bandsaw blades (2350mm) (Pack of 2)

85 3/4 inch bandsaw blades (2180mm) (Pack of 2)

85 3/4 inch bandsaw blades (2180mm) (Pack of 2)

59 1/4 inch bandsaw blades (1505mm) (Pack of 2)


9" Ryobi, 9" B&D, 9" Craftsman,9" Tradesman, 9" Pro-Tech, 9" Collins,The blades posted on this page are 59 1/4 inch bandsaw blades (1505mm) in length. They are made available in packs of two.

Require a different, custom length? We're able to custom make a band-saw blade to your requirements at no extra cost, please click here.

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Manufactured in France using European steel from Sweden/UK.

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Inca - our company have a heritage with regard to enabling outstanding products - these bandsaw blades are certainly no different. They will be specially designed to last longer, we have examined a lot of band saw blades and our blades last 5 times longer as opposed to our rivals. That is five fewer times in which you may be required to visit to the sharpener and then fork out to have your own blade sharp.

How how do we accomplish this feet? The process commences simply by applying superior supplies, we just employ the finest European steel (British together with Swedish) and design our own blades in France by our experienced staff. After all, having around 75 years within the wood working industry, we all recognize exactly how vital a high-quality blade is. Why get the best bandsaw and afterward acquire a substandard blade? We have noticed this take place- you order the perfect bandsaw in the industry and subsequently get a lousy blade and usually the saw gets the blame! You really want your band saw to give good results, effectively, easily and continually.

We all exclusively offers blades made to cut wood, in the event that you're seeking for metal cutting blades sadly this site isn't the company for you. The blade is readily available in 3 TPI, 4TPI, 6TPI and 14TPI. If that isn't the length you're shopping for in that case simply just check out this customizable blade section, exactly where we will produce a new blade to your personal specs with simply no further cost to you!

You will need to select the blade for yourself, selecting the accurate width, thickness and teeth for the bandsaw will make a signficant difference. To start with, consider carefully what you are going to use the blade for. There's certainly no 'one blade fits all' choice.

> Blade Thickness:
Whenever it comes to blade thickness, when you are only re-sawing or cut-off sawing we would certainly advise that you just choose the highest thickness available, so that you can obtain an excellent feed rate and a good straight cut without busting your current blade. Thick blades will be able to conveniently take straight cuts although have a lot more problems when twisting or bending.

That's where any thinner blade is practical -- You will need to work with any thinner blade whenever you happen to be radius cutting. It is important to get the perfect balance, between thick and thin, even experienced woodworkersdo have a tendency to go for the thicker blades as they are cutting a dense piece of wood, that may be the inappropriate method. Failing to select the suitable blade can end up in the blade heating and cooling inevitably weakening the blade and causing failure.

Yet again, picking out the right teeth per inch is essential and very much related to the work at hand. Do you want to have the ability to cut through the wood quickly -- in that case the lowest TPI (Minimum 3TPI) will give a rough finish but allow you will let you permit you to cut rapidly. In contrast, if it is crucial that you slice the wood which has a smooth finish, a larger TPI with a slower cut can do the work!

Band Saw Blade Length:
The aforementioned blades are 59 1/4'' (In the Imperial system) and 1505 mm within the metric system. Check your manual which comes with your band saw to make certain you have chosen the right length. If a 59-1/4 inch blade is overly big or small you'll either not be able to correctly tension the blade or even the blade is not going to fit the bandsaw.

Bandsaw blade Servicing
Lastly, bear in mind to look after your inca blade when working with it! You are likely to get more mileage out of your blade by ensuring that you have been de-tensioning the blade once you have used it. Your blade is going to heat up when cutting, this results in the blade expanding and subsequently contracting which can lead to metal failure a great deal earlier than expected.

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