89 1/2 inch bandsaw blades (2275mm) (Pack of 2)

89 1/2 inch bandsaw blades (2275mm) (Pack of 2)

59 1/4 inch bandsaw blades (1505mm) (Pack of 2)

59 1/4 inch bandsaw blades (1505mm) (Pack of 2)

92 1/2 inch bandsaw blades (2350mm) (Pack of 2)


14" Ohio Forge, Builders Square, Buffalo, Tradesman. The blades listed on this page are 92 1/2 inch bandsaw blades (2350mm) in length. These are offered for sale in packs of two - manufactured in France using EU steel.

 Require a different, custom length? We're able to custom make a band-saw blade to your requirements at no extra cost, please click here.

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Inca Machines - our team have a heritage for making quality items - all of these bandsaw blades will certaintly be no exception to this rule. They are simply created to last, we have now examined a lot of band saw blades and our blades survive five times more as compared with each of our challengers. That is several fewer instances in which you may need to travel to the sharpener and then shell out for getting your saw blade sharp.

Just how do we accomplish such a feet? It starts out by utilising superior supplies, Inca simply employ the very best European steel (British and Swedish) and make these blades in France with our qualified labour force. Not surprisingly, with around half a century within the wood-working industry, all of us fully understand precisely how necessary a high-quality blade is. Why acquire the best bandsaw and subsequently shop for a poor blade? We've experienced it develop; you decide to buy the very best bandsaw in the market and later acquire an inferior blade and generally the saw will get the blame! You need your own band saw to do the job, effectively, efficiently and regularly.

Inca exclusively sells blades made to slice wood, in the event that you're looking for steel cutting blades sadly this site isn't the company for you. The blade is offered in 3 TPI, 4TPI, 6TPI and 14TPI. If the following just isn't the size you're searching for then simply check out this personalized blade section, where we will create a blade to your own requirements with completely no further charge!

It is essential to choose the right blade for yourself, choosing the suitable width, thickness and teeth for your bandsaw will make a signficant difference. Firstly, consider what you are going to use the blade to get. There is 'one blade fits all' option.

> Blade Thickness:
When ever it comes to blade thickness, when you are mainly re-sawing or cut-off sawing we would certainly advise that you select the max thickness available, so that you can have a great feed rate and an excellent straight cut without damaging your current blade. Thick blades will conveniently take straight cuts yet have very much more problems when twisting or bending.

That is where a thinner blade is convenient -- You will need to work with a thinner blade when you will be radius cutting. It is important to get the appropriate balance, in between thick and thin, consumersdo have a tendency to use the thicker blades as they're slicing a dense piece of wood, which will at times be the wrong method. Failure to decide on the correct blade can result in the blade heating and cooling in the long run weakening the blade and inducing failure.

Inca Band saw Blade Length:
The blades on this product page are 92 1/2 inches which is 2350 in millimetres. Check the handbook which came along with your band saw to make certain you have picked the accurate length. If a 92-1/2 inch blade is too big or compact you'll either be unable to correctly tension the blade or even the blade won't fit the band saw.

Teeth per inch:
Once more, deciding on the correct teeth per inch is important and very much related to the job ahead. Do you need to have the ability to slice through the wood rapidly -- in that case a low TPI (Minimum 3TPI) will offer a rough finish yet allow you to let you to you to cut swiftly. In contrast, in case it is crucial that you slice the wood that has a smooth finish, a larger TPI with a slow cut will do the task!

Bandsaw blade Servicing

Finally, keep in mind to look after your blade when working with it! You are likely to get more mileage from your blade making sure that you have been de-tensioning the blade once you have used it. Your blade will heat up while cutting, this leads to the blade expanding together with contracting which often can result in metal failure a lot sooner than expected.

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