98 inch bandsaw blades (2490mm) (Pack of 2)

98 inch bandsaw blades (2490mm) (Pack of 2)

88 inch bandsaw blades (2240mm) (Pack of 2)

88 inch bandsaw blades (2240mm) (Pack of 2)

82 1/2 inch bandsaw blades (2100mm) (Pack of 2)


The blades shown on this page are 82 1/2inch bandsaw blades (2095mm) in length. These are sold in packs of two.

Require a different, custom length? We're able to custom make a band-saw blade to your requirements at no extra cost, please click here.

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Inca Woodworking machines - our experts enjoy a heritage for making industry leading merchandize : these bandsaw blades happen to definitely be no exception to this rule. These are developed to last, we have analyzed a lot of band saw blades and our blades survive 5 times longer compared to our competition. That is several less instances where you are going to need to travel to your sharpener and then fork out to have your blade sharp.

Just how do we accomplish this feet! It commences by utilising quality supplies, Inca exclusively work with the finest EU steel (British together with Swedish) and manufacture each of our blades within France by our skilled labour force. Naturally, having more than seventy five years within the wood working community, all of us fully understand how crucial a fine blade is. Why obtain the very best bandsaw and then invest in a sloppy blade? We have seen this happen- you choose the leading bandsaw in the market and subsequently end up getting a substandard blade and generally the saw will be faulted! You really want your own band saw to deliver the results, well, smoothly and reliably.

Inca simply offers blades created to cut wood, if perhaps you're seeking for metal cutting blades sadly this site isn't the company for you. The blade is readily available in 3 TPI, 4TPI, 6TPI and 14TPI. If that isn't the size you're looking for in that case simply check each of our personalized blade section, exactly where we'll make a good blade to your personal requirements with absolutely no additional cost to you!

You must choose the best blade to suit your needs, choosing the proper width, thickness and teeth for the band saw will help make a signficant difference. Firstly, consider what you're going to use the blade for. There is 'one blade fits all' option.

Blade Thickness:
When it comes to blade thickness, in the event that you're mainly re-sawing or cut-off sawing we would suggest that you opt for the maximum thickness feasible, so you will obtain a very good feed rate and a very good straight cut with out damaging your own blade. Thick blades can simply take straight cuts although have considerably more troubles anytime twisting or bending.

That's just where any finer blade is very useful - You would need to make use of a thinner blade when you are radius cutting. It is crucial to get the appropriate balance, in between thick and thin, consumersdo have a tendency to go for the thicker blades as they are cutting a thick piece of wood, which usually at times is the wrong approach. Failure to select the suitable blade can result in the blade heating and cooling in the end weakening the blade and causing failure.

Blade Length:
These blades are 82 inches in the imperial system which is 2095 in millimetres. Check your operators manual came together with your band saw to be sure you've picked the correct length. In the event that a 82 1/2 inch blade is overly big or small you will either be unable to correctly tension the blade or even the blade is not going to fit the band saw.

Bandsaw teeth per inch:
Once more, deciding upon the right teeth per inch is really important and very much related to the task at hand. Would you like to be able to cut through the wood speedily - in that case minimal TPI (Minimum 3TPI) will give a rough finish an allow you will let enable you to you to cut quickly. However, when it's crucial to slice the wood with a smooth finish, a greater TPI with a slow cut is going to do the task!

Blade Maintenance

Lastly, keep in mind to look after your inca blade when using it! You are likely to get more mileage from your blade making sure that you're de-tensioning the blade after you've worked with it. Your blade is going to get hot whilst cutting, this results in the blade expanding and subsequently contracting which can bring about metal failure a great deal earlier than expected.

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