Advantages and features:

  • The saw's bi-metal composition allows longer life and lower cost compared with carbon saws.
  • High-speed M42 teeth are more wear-resistant.
  • Longer saw life for cutting jobs Hard 7 to 10 times longer than carbon tape.
  • High cutting rate performance, cost per cut.
  • Solid low width tape in HSS M42 64 to 69 Hrc.
  • Very large choice in gearing, for sawing all metals, from mild steels up to resistant alloys.
  • For full section cutting, heavy structural steels, thick pipes. Cobalt steel tape (M42), positive toothing with a "pitch".
  • Variable deep-tooth bottom.
  • Alloy steel body HSS teeth M42 67 to 69 HRc.

Made in France using steel from Germany / Sweden, This superior quality should not be confused with the blades made in China.

Reasons why to choose inca here

Tailor-made saw blade - Bi-metal M42 - welded and ready to use that are designed for cutting steel, metals, stainless steel. Professional grade, bi-metal band saw blade, combining the hardness of an M42 to 8% cobalt to a soft steel body. M42 bimetallic tape lasts longer than carbon tapes.

Use: Ferrous metals, metal, stainless steel, aluminum ... To cut single steels from a speed of 40m / min. Bi-metal blade M42 with variable pitch toothing for vibration and noise reduction. The teeth are hardened to 67-69 HRC for better resistance to wear and heat.


Chips are the best indicators of the proper feed force.

Follow the chip information and set the advance accordingly.

Fine or pulverized chips - Increase the feed rate or reduce the blade speed. Burnt Heavy Shavings - Reduce the feed rate and / or blade speed.
Coiled, hot silver shavings - optimum feed rate and blade speed

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