Vacuum Press Multico - Complete Kit (200x150cm)

Vacuum Press Multico - Complete Kit (200x150cm)

Vacuum Press Multico - Complete Kit (100x150cm)


- 1 rubber gasket - 1 pump / bag connection hose - lung tissue - connection valve - bag closing system - 1 polyurethane bag 0.5mm thick, 150cm width - 1 pump - BECKER VT4.8 - 8M3

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  • The atmospheric pressure is around 1 kg / cm2 (almost 9 tonnes per m²).
  • The vacuum is a space that contains less air or gas than atmospheric pressure.
  • With the help of a pump, retreat the air on one side of the wood, thus creating a vacuum. The pressure pushes the wood to the other side.


  • It is a dry blade pump (Becker or Busch) 8m3 / h.
  • It does not require maintenance or replacement parts.
  • It is very reliable and less expensive.
  • It is possible to increase its performance while keeping the basic equipment.


They are made of polyurethane, an industrial type material, and have many advantages:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength - does not tear
  • Smooth surface - makes it easy to place work pieces and clean up excess glue
  • Price equivalent to that of vinyl bags (lower quality) offered by our competitors


  • The type of glue used anywhere since it is the force exerted (several tonnes) that holds the two pieces together.
  • Drying does not require air: when pressed, the water contained in the glue migrates into the wood which is emptied of its air. The support will dry over time in ambient air.


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